Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Assignment no. 5: Classical Dogma

Read Rausch, "From the New Testament to Chalcedon," Chapter 9, pp.147-164.

Write (HANDWRITTEN) a three-page theological reflection on the chapter. Your reflection should begin with a summary of his essay.

Submission date: August 24, Class Period.

Midterm Exam in Christology

For Coverage and Format, CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

IV. Christology of John and the Early Church

For Next meeting (7/27/16)  AFTER MIDTERM WEEK
but you may want to read ahead in preparation for the class:
Francis Moloney, "Johannine Theology," in NJBC, 1417-26, esp. "Christology" pp. 1421-25.


Sketch of the Christology of John (click the image below to enlarge)

III. New Testament Christology: The Christology of the Synoptic Gospels

click here: CHRISTOLOGY OF LUKE-ACTS (uploaded 7.26.16; print-out to be provided in class)
or You may also use the outline of your classmate Paulo Nazareno (photos below):



Since this was part of the Synoptics classes (1 and 2), it will not be discussed in class except  LUKE-ACTS and on some current issues. Instead, you have an assignment on this:

Assignment no. 4:
Make  (handwritten, please) a detailed outline of either the Christology of Mark, Matthew or Luke as presented in the introductions in commentaries. Choose, of course, a good and scholarly commentary. The more specifications you mention in your paper, the better.

Due: July 20, 2016. Class time.

Here's an outline of the christologies of Paul, Mark, Matthew and Luke (from the audio lecture of Fr. R. Ryan, CP). Link here (print out to be provided).

Some current issues related to Christology to be considered (cf. hand-out)

1. Corrective Christology in Mark

2. Imperative-Indicative  in Matthew's Soteriology

3. Conception Christology

III. New Testament Christology, Part 2: The Christology of Paul

Handout 1 - Notes on NT Christology: The Christology of Paul

Handout 2 - Notes on Fitzmyer and Current Issues in NT Christology

A. Overview
B. Pauline Chronology (cf. Felix Just)
C. Pauline Theology (cf. Fitzmyer, in NJBC)
D. Pauline Christocentric Soteriology (cf. Fitzmyer, in NJBC)
E.  New Testament Christologies: An Overview (see picture below)

A recent study on the subject matter is Gordon Fee, Pauline Christology: An Exegetical-Theological Study (Peabody, Mass: Hendrickson, 2007). -Arnoldus Library - BS 2651 F35 2007

For an online summary-review of the book, you can read here.

II. New Testament Christology, Part 1: The Resurrection

Handout - NT Christology: The Resurrection

I. The Resurrection in the New Testament: The Literary Texts
   A. Four Types of Literary Materials in the NT
   B. The Gospel of Mark and Its Orientation Towards the Resurrection

II. Theologians on the Resurrection
   A. Preliminary Remarks
   B. Theologians
        1. Dibelius
        2. Bultmann
        3. Pannenberg
        4. Ratzinger
        5. Rahner
        6. Schillebeeckx
        7. O'Collins
        8. N.T. Wright
        9.  Karkkainen
       10. G. Lohfink

Monday, July 11, 2016

II. New Testament Christology, Part 1:The Kingdom of God

1. Introductory Remarks (click here)
2. The Kingdom of God in the Gospels (cf. Outline of John P. Meier, "Kingdom of God")
3. The Theology of the Kingdom of God (cf. ppt presentation; also Guide Questions to Fuellenbach, "Kingdom of God")

Besides the works cited above, read also Lohfink, "The Proclamation of the Reign of God," in Jesus of Nazareth, chapter 2, pp. 24-38.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

July 6 - schola vacat [with reading in advance]

Wednesday, July 6, is a non-working holiday to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, MalacaƱang announced Monday, July 4.

BUT you can do your reading in advance:
G. Lohfink, "The Easter Events," in Jesus of Nazareth: What He Wanted, Who He Was, 288-307.

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